About Me

Hello Everyone, my name is Erin Conrad and I will be your Private Violin Instructor

I was born in 1987 and raised in Scottsdale AZ.  I graduated from Horizon High School in 2005 and had left to serve our United States Marine Corps.  I served in our Military for 2 years receiving an Honorable Discharge.  I actively help support fellow Veterans through various programs available.

I started playing the Violin in 3rd grade (1995).  I had begun to take private violin lessons from Dr. Carolyn Broe in 1997.  After progressively improving my skills had I been invited to participate in the Orchestra at Paradise Valley Community College from 1997-2005.

From 2014 to 2017 I had worked for a company (Northwest Valley Musical Arts) as a private violin instructor, located in Peoria.  During this time I had also begun administration work from my home for this amazing school!  I continue to work from home taking on more responsibilities to reflect my recently obtained Bachelors Degree in Health Care Management (with Honors), in addition to building my own in-home violin studio.

I am a work from home mother of three amazing boys who are my whole world and have such a supportive and encouraging husband.